The college mechanism for the library management is in the form of our library committee which consists of:

Mrs. M. Shanthi
Mrs. T. Thilagarathi
Mrs. S. Arul Jothi
Vice Principal
Mrs. G. Tamilarasi
Mrs. S. Vijayalakshmi
Assistant Professor
Mrs. R. Kavitha
Assistant Professor
Mrs. R. Priya
Assistant Professor
Miss. P. Chitra
One Student Representative

 The committee is empowered to review the various library resources. The committee normally meets quarterly in a year, and in some special cases. The principal can convene its meeting with library committee which consists of faculty members and a student representative. The major responsibility of the library committee is:

  • Framing and modifying the general rules and regulations for the proper functioning of the library
  • Selection of books for purchase and issue orders for purchase them to the extent of allocated budget
  • Placing orders for subscribing useful magazines and periodicals
  • To watch the proper maintenance of the library and to keep the library well equipped
  • To make availability of the library services to the maximum and optimum use by the staff and the pupil teachers.

              Library is fully computerized. Open Public access catalogue programme is installed. The record of issue and return of books is maintained with the help of the locally prepared software. The college library has computers, internet bandwidth and reprographic facilities. The staff and the pupil teachers of this college make optimum use of all the above facilities. The library remains open for 9.00 hours on all the working days. During examinations our library is kept open for 5.00 hours and during vacation time it is generally opened for 5 hours.